Welcome to my website! Now the fact that you're here means that you must have at least a passing interest in my work and, if you like what you find, I may even gain a new fan. We're off to a cracking start already!.......

Born and bred in the Yorkshire Dales, I grew up on a steady diet of Fleetwood Mac, Roxette, Def Leppard, The Eagles, Oasis and also a great deal of the stuff we now nostalgically look back on as "the 90s". 

I began my musical journey early. My parents are both music fans, and I remember listening to many different types of music early on. My sister Emily and I had a great love of Roxette (which still exists to this day), and we spent many happy hours sat in front of the TV watching the "Joyride" album video. My first "performance" was a duet with Emily to the Spice Girls' "Wannabe". This involved me performing lead vocals on a homemade microphone, with Em taking on the role as backing dancer. I'm sure the video of this will come back to haunt me one day- thanks mother!

At the age of six, I found myself sat in the practice room of Hawes Brass Band with a Cornet in my hands and a load of music notes in front of me that I was still in the process of learning. My first public performance came shortly after, at a Christmas concert held by the band. Playing the Cornet taught me a great deal about music, including reading, hearing and feeling what is going on around you when playing. It took me through a brass band, five orchestras and my days at school before the next stage of my musical career came along and I ran out of time to play it as much as I'd like. This brings me to the age of 18 when I joined "Infusion"....


'Infusion' in 2009

At 18, I was starting to get a desire to play the songs that I loved listening to every day. A new band was forming in the local area following the break-up of another, and I was installed as lead singer of a rock cover band called Infusion. For three years we had the time of our lives. We played gigs at all the local venues and even headlined some local festivals. The turning point came when myself and Ste Chapman (best mate and bass player) grew tired of playing the same old covers in the same old venues to the same old people. We needed to travel further afield, play new places and, most importantly from my point of view, WRITE OUR OWN MUSIC!!!

My musical career since Infusion has been, by my own admission, not quite as structured as I had hoped it would be. Ste and I formed a new band- "Mean Plastic Sharks" following the break-up of Infusion and, although we had some great times and played gigs all over the UK, the band never quite became well established and was always a bit "on and off". We currently play in a new (as yet un-named) band with ex-Infusion guitarist Gary Thwaite and drummer Hugo Donno-Fuller. Things are going well so far, so hopefully we'll have better luck this time in establishing a band!


On stage with 'Mean Plastic Sharks'

2014 was a great year for me. Having only properly started my journey as a solo artist in January 2014, I had the pleasure of playing at many great venues, made some amazing friends and signed as an endorsed artist with Cassidy Guitars. To cap it all off, on October 4th 2014 I made my radio debut when one of my songs- “Bright Red Dancing Shoes”- was played on the radio via BBC Introducing. Radio DJ Jericho Keys said that the song "sounds like The Housemartins when it kicks in". Praise indeed!

Naturally I'd love to be able to tour and release my own music for a living, but as all us musicians know, it takes a lot of work to achieve our dreams! Whether that day comes or not, I'll carry on playing, writing, meeting new people and making the most of this wonderful art we call music!

I am a huge fan of open mic nights, and attend as many as I can all over the North of England.

I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to play any gigs. One of my great passions is busking, and I regularly busk in cities such as York, Harrogate and Darlington. I think there’s something very exciting about busking, as it’s the ultimate exposure- nowhere to hide and open to both the elements and the general public. 

My aim over the next year is to play more gigs with my own music, and to start work on my long-promised album. With any luck I might see you on my travels, and if you want me to play in your town or venue, please let me know- I’m very easily led and fit neatly on most sofas!


Busking in Harrogate

Don't forget to come up and chat at my next gig, and see you soon!
Josh x