Time to Knuckle Down!

Very shortly, I'll be calling a temporary halt to my very busy gigging schedule to pay full attention to finishing my EP. It seems like I've been promising it to both myself and to fans of my work for ages- with nothing to show for it! Well I'm out to change that and, although I will still be playing the occasional gig and open mic, I'll be putting the serious touring on the back-burner until I have something to take with me and sell to you!

Thanks to everyone who's shown me support so far, it means a huge amount. My greatest wish is that my music can be enjoyed by people, however small that crowd of people may be, and that they are genuinely moved in some way by what they hear. That's why I want to make sure that this EP- from the production all the way down to the packaging- is as good as it possibly can be. When I am confident that I have achieved this, I will release my work properly into the world, and hope that it was bloody worth it!! See you at a gig very soon! JW x :)

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